Last Updated: July 30, 1997

Le Flibustier

Morskoj razbojnik; Pirat; U morja [By the sea]; Der Seeraeuber; The Buccaneer

A lyric comedy in three acts

Composed by Cesar Cui

Libretto by Jean Richepin, after his play

Date of composition: 1888-1889

First Performed: 1994

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Cast of Characters

Fishermen, their wives, girls

Setting: Action occurs in Saint-Malo, at the end of the 17th century


Act I: Legoez' grandson Pierre has been gone to sea for many years. A flibustier (buccaneer) named Jacquemin comes to town one day, and, before Marie-Anne has a chance to clear things up, is instantly mistaken for Pierre by Legoez.

Act II: Jacquemin falls in love with Pierre's cousin, Janik, who feels likewise about him, and who also finds out his secret. Pierre finally shows up. He and Legoez discover the deception, and Jacquemin is asked to leave.

Act III: Pierre relents. Happy ending.

Author: Lyle Neff,