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Discography of Cesar Cui's works

Listed by work according to the apparently "official" title* (Russian titles are given in transliteration), with the exception of uniform titles for multi-format works like Opp. 20 and 40. Click on the label information for full citation of recording. Note that some of the vocal works may be listed on the recording under another title, or sung in another language.

In this list recordings of complete works are preferred over additional recordings of selections. Of course, if only excerpts are available from a larger opus, those are included here.

(You may also wish to see the abbreviated worklist.)

This list not by any means exhaustive, although it can be safely asserted that, with the exception of a few oft-recorded standard songs, there are very few recordings of Cui's works, although in the last several years new recordings, or releases of previously archived performances, of Cui's works seem to be appearing more and more. Please send any additions or corrections to me, Lyle Neff.


Kavkazskij plennik [Prisoner of the Caucasus]

Aleksandr Dargomyzhsky: Kamennyj gost' [The Stone Guest]. (Completed by Cui; orchestrated by Rimsky-Korsakov). (Saison Russe CD, RUS 288113)

Andzhelo [Angelo].

Le Flibustier. Prelude (Marco Polo CD, 8.223400)

Pir vo vremja chumy [Feast in Time of Plague].

Works with opus number:

Op. 5. Shest' romansov

Op. 7. Shest' romansov

Op. 8. Trois morceaux pour piano

Op. 10. Shest' romansov

Op. 11. Shest' romansov

Op. 12. Tarantelle pour l'orchestre. (Vox LP, PL 9530)

Op. 17. Bolero dlja vysokogo ili nizkogo golosa s fortepiano ili simfonicheskim orkestrom (Melodiya LP, D 2088/9, D 08937/8; Pearl CD, GEMM CDS 9997-9)

Op. 15. Trinadcat' muzykal'nykh kartinok dlja golosa s fortepiano

Op. 20. [Miniatures, piano, op.20]

Op. 25. Suite concertante pour violon avec accompagnement d'orchestre ou de piano (Marco Polo LP, 6.220308)

Op. 31. Trois Valses.

Op. 32. Sept Melodies

Op. 33. Sem' stikhotvorenii A. Pushkina i M. Lermontova dlja golosa s fortepiano

Op. 36. Deux morceaux pour violoncelle avec accompagnement d'orchestre ou de piano (Virgin Classics CD, VC 7 91134-2)

Op. 39. Six miniatures pour piano (Ades LP, 7081-7083).

Op. 38. Deuxieme suite pour orchestre (Marco Polo CD, 8.223400)

Op. 40. [A Argenteau, op. 40]

Op. 43. In modo populari : Petite suite no 3 pour orchestra. (Melodiya LP, D1119/20; Marco Polo LP, 6.220308)

Op. 44. Vingt poemes de Jean Richepin

Op. 49. Sem' romansov s soprovozhdeniem fortepiano

Op. 50. Kaleidoscope: vingt-quatre morceaux pour violon avec accompagnement de piano (Olympia CD, OCD 456)

Op. 52. Cinq petite duos pour flute et violon avec accompagnement de piano (Philips CD, 438 940-2, arr. for ob., fl., orch.)

Op. 54. Cinq melodies pour chant et piano

Op. 55. Vosem' romansov s soprovozhdeniem fortepiano

Op. 57. Dvadcat' pjat' stikhotvorenii Pushkina dlja golosa s fortepiano

Op. 62. Dvadcat' odno stikhotvorenie N.A. Nekrasova dlja golosa s fortepiano

Op. 64. Vingt-cinq preludes pour piano (Marco Polo CD, 8.223496)

Op. 67. Vosem'nadcat' stikhotvorenii A. K. Tolstogo dlja golosa s fortepiano

Op. 75. Sem' stikhotvorenii armjanskikh po`etov dlja golosa s fortepiano

Op. 77. Sem' khorikov na tekst Belousova a capella

Op. 84. Sonate pour piano et violon (Olympia CD, OCD 456; Multisonic CD, 31 0235-2)

Op. 86. Dvadcat' chetyre stikhotvorenija dlja golosa s fortepiano

Op. 87. Muzykal'nye miniatjury, jumoreski, pis'ma dlja golosa s fortepiano

Works without opus number:

"Ja pomnju vecher" (Philips CD, 442 780-2; Russian Disc CD, RC CD 11 021; Melodiya D00011113/4; Pearl CD, GEMM CDS 9997-9)

Impromptu-caprice pour piano (Ades LP, 7081-7083).

Ades LP, 7081-7083. Les Group des Cinq. Oeuvres pour piano. Bernard Ringeissen, piano. (c) 1979.
Collins Classics CD, 13912. Without Time or Season: Russian Choruses for Children. Bolshoi Theatre Children's Choir; Andrey Zaboronok. (c) 1995.
Marco Polo LP, 6.220308. Cesar Cui. Suite Concertante, Op. 25, for Violin and Orchestra; Suite Miniature, Op. 20; Suite, Op. 43, "In Modo Populari". Takako Nishizaki, violin. (Also CD, 8.220308)
Marco Polo CD, 8.223400. Cesar Cui. Suite No. 2 in E major, op. 38; Suite No. 4, "A Argenteau", op. 40; Le Flibustier (Prelude). (c) 1993.
Marco Polo CD, 8.223496. Cesar Cui. 25 Preludes, Op. 64. Jeffrey Biegel, piano. (c) 1993.
Melodiya LP: the cited item is listed under "Cui" in the reference book Melodiya: a Soviet Russian L. P. Discography. Compiled by John R. Bennett. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 1981.
Melodiya LP 10-06285-86(a). Aleksandr Ognivcev, bas.
Multisonic CD, 31 0235-2. Russian Treasure. Elizaveta Gilels, violin; Leonid Kogan, violin; Emil gilels, piano. (c) 1994.
Olympia CD, OCD 456. Cesar Cui. Kaleidoscope, op. 50; Violin Sonata in D Major, op. 86. Peter Sheppard, violin; Aaron Shorr, piano. (c) 1995.
Pearl CD, GEMM CDS 9997-9 [etc.]. Singers of Imperial Russia.1992-
Pearl LP, SHE 502. Borodin and the Kutchka. David Ward, piano. (c) 1970.
Philips CD, 438 940-2. Opera Fantasy. Han de Vries, oboe; Jacques Zoon, flute; London Studio Orchestra. (c) 1993.
Philips CD, 442 780-2. Songs of Desire. Songs by Rimsky-Korsakov, Borodin, Moussorgsky, Balakirev, Cui. Olga Borodina, mezzo-soprano; Larissa Gergieva, piano. (c)1995.
Russian Disc CD, RC CD 11 021. Dargomyzhsky; Cui. Romances. Valentina Sharonova, soprano; Vladimir Yurigin-Klevke, piano. (c) 1994.
Saison Russe CD, RUS 288113. Dargomyzhsky. The Stone Guest; Le Convive de Pierre. Soloists of the Bolshoi Theatre; Andrey Chistiakov, conductor. (c) 1995.
Virgin Classics CD, VC 7 91134-2. Tchaikovsky, Glazunov, Cui, Rimsky-Korsakov. Music for Cello and Orchestra. Steven Isserlis, cello; Chamber Orchestra of Europe; John Eliot Gardiner. (c) 1990.
Pathe Marconi EMI LP, C 063-10.148. Le Groupe des Cinq. Melodies. Disque II. Cesar Cui. Boris Christoff, bass; Janine Reiss, piano; Serge Zapolski, piano. [n.d.]

Vox LP, PL 9530. Borodin [etc.]. Bamberg Symphony; Jonel Perlea, conductor. (c) 1956.

*The "official" title for vocal works is that title (or combination of title and first line) which represents the language to which the text was originally set, even if the work came to be known more familiarly under another title (such as "Vignettes Musicales" for Op. 15). The instrumental works tend to favor a French "official" title unless there is another title that is prominent or otherwise overriding.

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