an opera in four acts

Composed by Cesar Cui

Libretto by Viktor Burenin, after V. Hugo's drama Angelo, tyran de Padoue

Date of composition: 1871-1875

First Performed: 1876, St. Petersburg, Mariinsky Theater

(Click here to listen to the middle of the love scene between Rodolfo and Tisbe in Act I.)

Cast of Characters

Patricians, signors, people, police, etc.

Setting: Padua, 1549


Tisbe, who loves Rodolfo, is Angelo's mistress. Angelo discovers that Catherine, his wife, is having an affair, but doesn't know it's with Rodolfo. Thisbe, not a little miffed at this state of affairs, nevertheless saves Catherine's life and ends up dying in the end.

Extra Information

Ponchielli's La Gioconda, based on the same literary source, premiered in the same year as Angelo.  Although there is a second-hand Soviet report of a performance of Angelo in Belgium in 1886 (outside of concert excerpts), this has yet to be verified.  When Cui's opera was revived at the Moscow Bolshoi Theater during the 1901/1902 season, Fedor Shaliapin sang the role of Galeofa.  The latest known production of the opera was in Russia in 1910.

Author: Lyle Neff,

Last Updated: July 2000