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Note: Please do not send me reference questions; I simply do not have the time to search on the web or in printed sources for all the texts, synopses, etc., that I have been asked about over the years. (I do appreciate notices with new and corrected information, however!) Instead, please check the appropriate bibliographic webpage here for some information, look at resources and reference books in your local library, and check online library catalogs. And for printed libretti themselves, don't overlook booklets that come with recordings, old and new, even though they vary greatly in quality. As for opera trivia questions (e.g. "What opera has X as a plot element"?), please ask on the newsgroup, join the listserv Opera-L (start with its archives page), or use the feedback form at OperaGlass. Thanks!

(In addition, please do not ask about when a libretto that is "in process" will be posted. That is up to the contributor who is voluntarily inputting it. I update the libretto site when new libretti or URLs are sent to me, or when I'm notified of changes. Likewise, if a text is not stored at this site, you must contact the person who holds it if there are any problems.)

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