La finta giardiniera

The Pretended Gardener

Opera buffa in 3 acts

Dramatis Personæ

Don Anchise, Podestà of Lagonero, in love with Sandrina (Tenor)
Marchioness Violante Onesti, believed dead, living disguised as a gardener named Sandrina in the service of the Podestà (Soprano)
Contino Belfiore, formerly in love with Violante, now with Arminda (Tenor)
Arminda, niece of the Podestà, a noblewoman of Milan, formerly in love with Ramiro, now betrothed to Belfiore (Soprano)
Cavalier Ramiro, Arminda's rejected suitor (Male soprano)
Serpetta, chambermaid to the Podestà; in love with him (Soprano)
Roberto, Violante's servant, now disguised as a gardener named Nardo, cousin of Sandrina; in love with Serpetta (Bass)

Setting: the country estate of the Podestà at Lagonero, near Milan; mid-18th century

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19 Sep 2007