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Welcome to the new Opera Libretti Homepage hosted on OperaGlass. This site now provides over 170 opera and oratorio libretti, together with several other vocal texts. It includes the complete collection of opera libretti formerly located at the Indiana University site of editor Lyle Neff, together with the libretti previously hosted on OperaGlass by editor Richard Bogart.

Unless otherwise noted, all libretti posted at this site are in the original languages and in the public domain. We welcome submissions of new libretti and translations into various languages (especially English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish) provided that (a) the material is either in the public domain or has the permission of the copyright holder(s) for posting; and (b) translations are of high quality, accuracy, or historical interest. HTML formatting of the posted texts is copyrighted by the named transcribers and/or the editors of OperaGlass, as are notes, explanatory and introductory materials not part of the original transcribed texts.

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23 Sep 2005