Last modified: Nov. 12, 1997

César Antonovich Cui (1835-1918)

For those whose computer systems are able to play MIDI files, you may want to listen to my MIDI arrangement of the Introduction to Cui's opera William Ratcliff. (If your online IBM Netscape works like mine, you might rather download the file and listen to it offline -- for some reason MIDI files sound poorly online for me.

This web page was mentioned (obliquely) by Kyle Gann in the article "Weirdos like me," in Village Voice, Feb. 4, 1997, p. 64:

"Did you know that Nancarrow once wrote a piece of musique concrete, and that he has three new player-piano pieces that aren't recorded yet? I hope someone finds that as fascinating as I find the extensive home page for 19th-century Russian composer Cesar Cui, or the Transcribing and Reading White Mensural Notation home page with examples from Petrucci's Odhecaton of 1501."

An autograph manuscript:

A musical letter of Cui to Madame Mar'ia Kerzina, with text: "Greetings to the dear Kerzin home!"

Source: Izbrannye pis'ma (Leningrad, 1955)

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