Manon Lescaut

Notes on the Libretto

The text is transcribed from the original published libretto (G. Ricordi & C, Milan, 1893); the first Italian/English libretto (G. Ricordi & Co., New York, 1893); and the German translation from an early edition (G. Ricordi & C., Milan, n.d., but with a blind stamp of 10/1893). The exact text and general layout has been preserved to the extent possible, with corrections of a few obviously typographical errors. The English translation by Mowbray Marras and the German translation by Ludwig Hartmann do not always correspond to the Italian text. Apart from the exigencies required of singing translations, they represent translations of the text actually set to music, and revised versions at that.

There are numerous differences between the text of the published libretto and the "definitive" version of the work as set to music and performed. In many cases there are simply words, phrases, or passages that were not included in the score. These are highlighted in the libretto text in strikeout font thus. Some text included in all editions of the score but not in the libretto is included, appearing in lighter font thus. Other significant variations are referenced to the following notes by the line numbers which have been supplied.

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4 Dec 2005