Lo sposo deluso ossia La Rivalità di tre Donne per un solo amante

The Deluded Bridegroom, or The Rivalry of Three Women for One Lover

The projected 2-act opera buffa Lo Sposo deluso was not completed. A confused libretto (of unknown authorship) exists, but only four composed numbers are known: an overture and opening ensemble for Pulcherio, Bocconio, Don Asdrubale, and Bettina, partly accompanied arias for Eugenia and Pulcherio, and a fully-scored trio for Bocconio, Eugenia, and Don Asdrubale, all from Act 1. The time of composition is conjectured to be about 1784.
  • Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, K. 430 (K. 424a)
  • Librettist: unknown, possibly Lorenzo da Ponte
  • Libretto (composed numbers only)

    Dramatis Personæ*

    Bocconio Papparelli, a rich and stupid man, betrothed to Eugenia (Primo buffo caricato / Bass)
    Eugenia, a young noblewoman of Rome, somewhat capricious, engaged to Bocconio but really in love with Don Asdrubale (Prima buffa / Soprano)
    Don Asdrubale, a courageous Tuscan officer, in love with Eugenia (Primo mezzo caricato / Tenor)
    Bettina, Bocconio's niece, a vain girl, in love with Don Asdrubale (Seconda buffa / Soprano)
    Pulcherio, a misogynist, friend of Bocconio (Secondo buffo caricato / Tenor)
    Gervasio, Eugenia's tutor, who falls in love with Metilde (Secondo buffo / [Bass])
    Metilde, virtuoso singer and dancer, supposed friend of Bettina, in love with Don Asdrubale (Terza buffa / [Soprano])
    [Servants etc.]
    *vocal ranges of unset parts according with Mozart's projected casting

    Setting: A country villa and the seashore, near Livorno.

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