Der Schauspieldirektor

The Impresario

Komödie mit Musik in einem Akt

Although a fully completed work, Der Schauspieldirektor contains only a small amount of music (an overture and four numbers) in a rather long topical comedy with little meaning to modern audiences. It includes, for example, actors ``auditioning'' in scenes from several contemporary (and forgotten) plays. It is consequently almost never performed in its original form, but rather in various adaptations designed to present Mozart's excellent music in a more appropriate setting.

Dramatis Personæ

Frank, an impressario (Speaking role)
Eiler, a banker (Speaking role)
Buff, an actor (Speaking role)
Herz, an actor (Speaking role)
Madame Pfeil, an actress (Speaking role)
Madame Krone, an actress (Speaking role)
Madame Vogelsang, an actress (Speaking role)
Vogelsang, a singer (Tenor)
Madame Herz, a singer (Soprano)
Mademoiselle Silberklang, a singer (Soprano)

Setting: an impressario's room in Salzburg, 1786.

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