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A Message from Ira Ross, the Producer of the Series

For me, opera is life. This is my reason for producing the series Opera for Everyone. I love all of opera: the music, the drama, the singers, the orchestra, the sets and scenery, the costumes, the lighting,--- everything! I say this not as a performer, but as a member of the audience--as one who listens and watches and feels the enchantment and excitement of the whole show.

My purpose, in this series, is to present opera in a way that will help others feel the fire as I do. This is done by, first, presenting a short background of the opera and, then, by telling the story in two ways --- first with words and then with music--for each of the major episodes. In addition I suggest what to listen for in the music.

The series is designed for everyone -- the newcomer to opera as well as the veteran opera-goer. It may even entice some to enter the world of opera for the first time. Therefore, almost all the terms used in this series are in everyday usage. If technical terms are used (not very often), they are explained.

Opera for Everyone is an introduction to the opera. The series is not an end in itself. I suggest that these compact discs be listened to before watching the opera live, on video or on television. After viewing the performance, listen to the disc again, to relive and fortify the experience. This same suggestion applies when listening to the opera on compact disc or on radio.

The listener may even discover that Opera for Everyone is an exciting experience in itself, without attending the opera.

My hope is that this series will help you feel, as well as see and hear, some of the treasures of the wonderful world of opera.

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31 Dec 2004