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Please Read This Before Downloading the CDs

All the tracks of each of the four audio CDs in the series have been converted to files in MP3 format. MP3s are digital audio files that have been reduced in size while still maintaining their original sound quality. When converted to MP3s, entire CDs can be downloaded in just a few minutes. MP3s are widely recognized as the most popular digital format for storing and listening to music.

The MP3 files corresponding to the tracks on each "Opera for Everyone" CD have been collected into four separate self-extracting files, each of which may be downloaded from this web site. Due to the relatively large size (~ 35 megabytes) of the self-extracting files for each CD, we recommend that you download files on a PC that has a high speed connection to the Internet (e.g.; cable modem, DSL, or corporate network). Even then, it will take from 10 to 20 minutes to download each CD's file, depending on the bandwidth available. Also be sure that you have sufficient free space on your PC's disk drive to store 35 megabytes for each opera. We suggest that you first download one of the CDs and make sure you can extract and use the files before attempting to download the rest of the CDs.

Once downloaded, the MP3 files are extracted and placed in a folder on your PC's disk drive. You may then "play" the MP3 files in a media player such as the RealOne Player or Apple's iTunes and create and save a "playlist" for each opera in the series.

If you don't have a media player on your PC, you may download and install a free version of RealOne Player from

Real Player Download

If you are a Mac user, you may download and install a free version of iTunes from www.apple.com/itunes

If you already have another MP3 media player such as Windows Media Player or Musicmatch Jukebox installed on your PC and are familiar with its operation, feel free to use it once you've downloaded the CDs.

You or someone in your organization may have the expertise and the equipment to "burn" an audio CD from the MP3 files in the playlist you created for each opera. (You'll need a CD-R or CD-RW drive on your PC and software for converting MP3s and recording audio CDs.) You can create as many audio CDs as you wish from a single download and distribute them to other members of your organization for use with a standard CD player in the classroom.

Support for both Windows PC and Mac Users

We have stored the MP3 files in two different "zipped" formats. When downloading the MP3 files, be sure to use the the step-by step procedure that corresponds to the type of PC you are working on.

Windows PC System Requirements

  1. A PC with a high speed connection to the Internet and about 150 megabytes of free disk space.
  2. Microsoft Windows 98 (or higher) operating system
  3. Internet Explorer browser
  4. RealOne (or other) media player, sound card, and speakers

Apple Macintosh System Requirements

  1. A Mac with a high speed connection to the Internet and about 150 megabytes of free disk space.
  2. Mac OS 8.1 (or higher) operating system
  3. iTunes (or other) music player and (optional) stereo speakers

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31 Dec 2004