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Cesar Cui

an abbreviated list of his musical compositions for orchestra and band, including works featuring solo instrument and transcriptions by him or approved by him from other works

compiled by Lyle Neff

Copyright (c) 1995, 1997 by Lyle Neff

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For reference questions about more specific details of each work, e-mail the compiler. The complete worklist (not posted here) indexes all variants of titles and individual numbers found in reference sources and on published editions themselves.

op. 1...
Pervoe skerco na temu B.A.B.E.G. i C.C. dlja simfonicheskogo orkestra = First scherzo Comp: 1857, initially for p/4-h 1857-1858; 1859, orchestrated

op. 2 Skerco (podrazhanie Shumanu) dlja simfonicheskogo orkestra Comp: 1857, initially for p/4-h 1857-1858
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op. 12
Tarantelle pour l'orchestre
Comp: 1858; orchestrated 1859
op. 18
Marche solennelle pour orchestre
Comp: 1881
op. 20
Douze Miniatures pour piano (moyenne difficulte) [ou] pour violon et
Comp: 1882
op. 24
Deux Morceaux pour violon avec accompagnement d'orchestre ou de piano
Comp: 1884
op. 25
Suite concertante pour violon avec accompagnement d'orchestre ou de piano
Comp: 1884
op. 36
Deux Morceaux pour violoncelle avec accompagnement d'orchestre ou de
Comp: 1886
op. 39
Six Miniatures pour piano
Comp: 1886
op. 40 A Argenteau : Recueil de neuf pieces caracteristique, pour le piano Comp: 1887 (5 of the pieces arr. for orchestra by A. Glazunov)
op. 43
In modo populari : Petite suite no 3 pour orchestra
Comp: 1890
op. 50...
op. 65
Valse pour orchestre
Comp: 1904
op. 75...
op. 82
Trois Scherzos pour orchestre
Comp: 1910
Works without Opus Number
W. 53
Slava : marsh dlja voennogo dukhovogo orkestra
Comp: 1916 (1915 in NeefR p145)
Copyright (c) 1995, 1997by Lyle Neff

Author: Lyle Neff,