Cesar Cui

an abbreviated list of his operas

compiled by Lyle Neff

Copyright (c) 1995 by Lyle Neff
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For reference questions about more specific details of each work, e-mail the compiler. The complete worklist (not posted here) indexes all variants of titles and individual numbers found in reference sources and on published editions themselves.

Operas W. 1 Zamok Nejgauzen (sketches) = Neuhausen Castle Comp: 1856 (ca.)
W. 2 Kavkazskij plennik : opera v trekh dejstvijakh = A Prisoner in the Caucasus : opera in three acts Comp: 1857-1858 (Acts I and III, where Fatima was originally called Zaira); 1881-1882 (Act II, Dance no. 18a; Abubeker added); Comp: 1886 (latest possible date; for Fr. edition Kazenbek renamed Izmail, substantial addition to beginning of Finale of Act II). This added material is evident from the Fr. edition, but does not seem to be noted in any of the reference sources.
W. 3 Syn mandarina : komicheskaja opera v odnom dejstvii = The Mandarin's son : operetta Comp: 1859
W. 4 Vil'jam Ratkliff : opera v trekh dejstvijakh Comp: 1861-1868; 1900 (ca.) revised for new production
W. 5 Dargomyzhskij, Aleksandr Kamennyj gost' : opera v trekh dejstvijakh = The Stone guest Comp: 1866-1869; 1870 (orchestral introduction and end of Scene 1 by Cui and orchestration N.A. Rimskij-Korsakov in accordance with the composer's wishes; rev. and reorchestrated 1897, 1902 by Rimskij-Korsakov)
W. 6 Andzhelo : opera v chetyrekh dejstvijakh Comp: 1871-1875; 1900 (ca.) revised for new production
W. 7 Mlada : opera-balet, pervyj akt Comp: 1872 (dream scene slightly rewritten later for publication)
W. 8 Le Flibustier : comedie lyrique in trois actes Comp: 1888-1889; later some changes (cuts) made for Russian ed.
W. 9 Pir vo vremja chumy : dramaticheskie sceny A.S. Pushkina = A Feast in time of plague : opera in one act Comp: 1889 (Walsingham's hymn, op. 49, no. 3); 1890 (ca.) (Mary's song, op. 55, no. 2); Comp: 1895-1897, 1900 (remainder of opera)
W. 10 Saracin : opera v chetyrekh dejstvijakh = The Saracen : opera in four acts Comp: 1896-1898
W. 11 Undina (sketches) Comp: 1900-1904 (ca.)
W. 12 Madmuazel' Fifi : opera v odnom dejstvii = Mam'selle Fifi : opera in one act Comp: 1902-1903 Opening bars:

W. 13 Snezhnyj bogatyr' : opera-skazka dlja detej v odnom dejstvii, dvukh kartinakh = The Snow Prince : children's opera Comp: 1905
W. 14 Mateo Fal'kone : dramaticheskaja scena = Matteo Falcone : dramatic scene Comp: 1906-1907 (perhaps as early as 1901?)
W. 15 Kapitanskaja dochka : opera v chetyrekh dejstvijakh i vos'mikh kartinok = The Captain's daughter : opera in four acts Comp: 1907-1909
W. 16 Krasnaja shapochka : detskaja opera-skazka = Red Riding-Hood : children's opera Comp: 1911 (1912 in GosP)
W. 17 Ivanushka-durachok : opera-skazka dlja detej v trekh kartinakh = Ivan the idiot : children's opera Comp: 1913
W. 18 Kot v sapogakh : opera-skazka dlja detei v trekh dejstvijakh, chetyrekh kartinakh = Puss-in-Boots : children's opera Comp: 1913
W. 19 Musorgskij, Modest Petrovich Sorochinskaja jarmarka : opera v trekh dejstvijakh = The Fair at Sorochinsk Comp: 1874-1881; 1915-1916 completed and orchestrated by Cui using Musorgskij's sketches and sections already completed by other composers
Copyright (c) 1995 by Lyle Neff
Author: Lyle Neff, lneff@indiana.edu
Last Updated: May 15, 1996