Krasnaja shapochka

Rotkaeppchen; Little Red Riding-Hood

A children's opera fairy-tale

Composed by Cesar Cui

Libretto by Marina Stanislavovna Pol', based on Perrault

Date of composition: 1911

Earliest known performance: 1922, Belorussia

Cast of Characters

Hunters, woodcutters. Narrating chorus.



Little Red Riding-Hood goes off with food to see her grandmother. A wolf in the forest tricks her into taking a longer path while the wolf goes to the house first, swallows the grandmother, and pretends to be her when Red arrives. He swallows Red also, but then Red and Grandmother are rescued by hunters and wood-choppers who slice open the wolf's belly to let them out. The wolf is forgiven.

Extra Information

Author: Lyle Neff,
Last Updated: Dec. 11, 1995