Last updated: Mar. 10, 1997

Kapitanskaja dochka

The Captain's Daughter; Die Hauptmannstochter

An opera in four acts

by Cesar Cui, libretto based on Pushkin's novel

Date of composition: 1907-1909

First Performed: 1911

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Cast of Characters

Garrison soldiers, residents, rebels, courtiers

Setting: 1775, Russia, during the Pugachov rebellion


Young Pyotr is sent to a fortress by his parents to become a soldier. On the way he his helped through a snowstorm by a guide who later turns out to be Pugachov, the leader of an upcoming rebellion. At the fortress he falls in love with Masha, the commandant's daughter. The rebels take over and kill Masha's parents. Pyotr becomes implicated in the rebellion, but Masha's appeals to Catherine the Great bring about his aquittal.

Scene from Act III

Finale, with Catherine the Great

Author: Lyle Neff,