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The OperaGlass list of Opera People includes URL's for personal home pages on the World Wide Web of professionals, semi-professionals, and serious amateurs in the field of opera, including composers, librettists, translators, conductors, singers, musicians, directors, and designers. If you would like to register your home page URL or the home page URL of someone you know, please fill out and submit the form below.

Please note that the references in the Opera People page are for personal home pages. These pages may be provided and maintained by the individuals involved or by their companies, agencies, or recording companies. The list is not intended to include ``chat'' or fan pages or pages about people maintained without their involvement. (There is a separate registration form for fan pages.) Most of the ``superstars'' in the list have pages maintained by their recording companies. Don't be intimidated by their presence! For every superstar there are thousands of other talented and dedicated artists who can claim a place in the limelight; some may even be tomorrow's superstars. These pages are visited by a lot of people. If you are just starting your career, this may be good free advertising!

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2 Dec 2002