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The OperaGlass list of Opera Companies includes URL's for the home pages of any opera companies we know of on the World Wide Web. This includes professional, semi-professional, academic, and amateur companies and festivals offering regular programs of opera. If you wish to register the URL of a company you are associated with or simply know of, please fill out and submit the form below. Thank you!

Preference is given in the listings to official pages maintained by the opera companies themselves. However, we will also provide links to privately maintained pages specifically devoted to individual opera companies which do not have their own home pages, or in cases in which substantial additional information is provided in the private pages to that in the official pages.

Please note that listing is not automatic. All submitted URL's are checked and periodically reviewed. In order to be included, submitted URL's must clearly link to a performing opera company's web site. A word of warning: I do not have the time to waste watching slow-moving animations in order to check the web pages for validity, so I do not configure my browser to run with Flash, for example. Any pages that merely display a link for a plug-in download to a non-Flash-enabled browser will be ignored.

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18 Sep 2007