Heinrich Heine

Heinrich Heine was born on December 13, 1777, in Düsseldorf, Germany to Jewish parents. In 1819, he studied law; first in Bonn and then at the University of Göttingen. Unhappy with the pedantic atmosphere of Göttingen, he moved to Berlin in 1821. It was here that he became acquainted with G. W. Hegel and a number of other eminent German Romanticists. In 1831, he moved to Paris, France and spent the rest of his life there. While in Paris, he wrote for several German newspapers and befriended composers such as Louis Hector Berlioz and Frédéric Chopin. The Memoirs of Herr Schnabelewopski was among the last works composed by Heine. The last eight years of his life he spent confined to bed and on February 17, 1856, he died of a spinal disease.

contributed by Stephen L. Parker

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