Skazanie o Nevidimom Grade Kitezhe i Deve Fevronii

The Legend of the Invisible City of Kitezh and the Maiden Fevronia

While singing the praises of Nature in a forest near Little Kitezh, the maiden Fevronia is surprised by a stranger, who is captivated by her beauty and obtains her consent to marry him. On his departure, she learns that he is the son of the Prince of Kitezh. The city is attacked by Tatars, who have been guided thence by Grishka Kuterma, a drunken reprobate.

Fevronia is seized and carried off, praying that Kitezh may be saved.

When the Tatars press their attack the City is rendered invisible, and its reflection is seen on the surface of the Lake. Fevronia escapes and, together with the now repentant Kuterma, enters the forest. Here she is visited by birds of Paradise, and the spirit of her betrothed, who has been killed. Having eaten of the bread that brings eternal happiness, Fevronia departs with the spirit. Kitezh is restored to its transfigured People.

synopsis by M. Montagu Nathan, Rimsky-Korsakof, Duffield & Co., New York, 1917.

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