Madame Butterfly


John Luther Long

N.B. The full text of Madam Butterfly, including the illustrations from the 1903 Grosset & Dunlap edition, is available on the site Unfortunately, at this time the internal hyperlinks on all the pages are incorrect, so it is not possible to read through the story following the links. Therefore we are providing a table of contents to the individual pages (chapters and illustrations); the reader will have to use the browser's return feature to return to this page for navigation among pages.
  1. Sayre's Prescription
  2. Mr. B. F. Pikkerton - And His Way
  3. A Moon-Goddess Truly
  4. Trouble - Meaning Joy
  5. A Song of Sorrow - And Death - And Heaven
  6. Divine Foolery
  7. How He Didn't Understand Her Whichever
  8. The Bright Red Spot in Cho's Cheeks
  9. "'Bout Birds"
  10. Gentle Lying
  11. "The Mos' Bes' Nize Man"
  12. Like a Picture of Bunchosai
  13. The Good Consul's Compassionate Lying
  14. The Blonde Woman
  15. When the Robins Nest Again


  1. At the head of it... sat Cho-Cho-San (Frontispiece)
  2. But- he is a miracle! Yes!
  3. The nakodo fixed that day a week
  4. Res' is beauty
  5. Pitiful Kwannon
  6. They hid behind the shoji
  7. She lighted the andon
  8. She had a sword in her lap as she sat down

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