Mario Peragallo

Born: Rome 25 March 1910

Died: Rome 23/24 October 1996


Peragallo studied in Rome with DiDonato and Alfredo Casella. His earliest works are in the veristic style. After 1945 he began to compose in the dodecaphonic style, influenced by Schoenberg. He was the Artistic Director of the Accademia Filarmonica (Rome) from 1950-1954. In 1960 he became President of the Societa Italiana di Musica Contemporanea. He gave up composing in the 60's and 70's, but returned in 1980 with Emircal, a work in memory of Luigi Dallapiccola. In addition, he composed concerti, quartets, chorales and motets.

The above information is gleaned from Web searches, inquiries of Opera-L members and a program from the premiere of Ginevra in my collection. the synopsis and the participation of Augusta Oltrabella who created the title role in Ginevra degli Almieri sparked my interest.

contributed by Daniel S. Handshue

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