L'Oca del Cairo

Performance History

As an unfinished opera, no performances of L'Oca del Cairo took place during the composer's lifetime. The extant music was first published in 1855, and performed in concert in 1860. The first stageable version was prepared by Titus Charles Constantin, to a new libretto by Victor van Wilder, incorporating additional music from Lo sposo deluso and other arias. Since then several different versions have also been prepared and staged, including ones by Virgilio Mortari to a libretto by Giovanni Cavicchioli (1936); and by Hans Redlich (1940). Music from L'oca del Cairo is also incorporated in a stage adaptation of Lo sposo deluso, Der betrogen Br&aum;utigam (1929).

First concert performance: April 1860, Frankfurt

First stage performance: 6 June 1867, Théâtre des Fantaisies-Parisiennes, Paris
Cast (the characters do not correspond to those in the original libretto):

First performance in:

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