La testa di bronzo - History

First performance

Private theatre of Barone di Quintella at Laranjeiras, Lisbon (Dec. 3, 1827)


  • Adolfo: Nicolao Enrique Klingelhoefer
  • Floresca:Costança Bante Lodi
  • Federico: Pedro de Alcantara Serrâo Diniz
  • Ermanno: Guilhermo de Roure
  • Riccardo: Caetano da Costa Martins
  • Tollo: Barone di Quintella
  • Anna: Francisca Augusta da Fonseca
  • The first performance was given in a private theater by a group of amateur singers. The theater owner-commissioner took part in the performance in the role of Tollo, and his wife sang in the chorus.

    When Mercadante returned to Italy in 1831 he staged some of the operas he had written during his Iberian sojourn. La testa di bronzo was given in Turin in December with great success. It was staged in Rome (Teatro Valle) in 1834, in Naples (Teatro Nuovo) in 1835, and in 1842 at the Teatro alla Scala in Milan.

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