massenet Jules-Émile-Frédéric Massenet

born: Montaud, France, 12 May 1842
died: Paris, 13 August 1912


The dates and locations are those of the premieres; when there was a substantial delay between composition and performance, the (estimated) year of completion is also given. Revisions are listed separately.


About Jules Massenet:

Massenet was one of the best-respected French composers of his day, a member of the Academy and a professor of composition at the Conservatoire. In addition to his own music, he had a monumental impact on his contemporaries in France and, through his teaching, the generation that followed him. I have included his oratorios in this list because of their broad dramatic construction; in fact, at least one of them (Marie-Magdalene) was restaged as an opera during Massenet's lifetime.


contributed by Chris Hapka

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23 Sep 2005