Ero e Leandro: Performance History

First performed in a concert version at England's Norwich Festival in 1896, and staged in Madrid the following year, Ero e Leandro was produced in America at the Metropolitan Opera House, March 10, 1899, and again in March of 1903, both times with the composer conducting. The cast members for the first U.S. prodction were Emma Eames as Hero, Albert Saléza as Leandro, and Pol Plançon as Ariofarno. In the 1903 Met production, Johanna Gadski was the soprano, Emilio De Marchi sang the tenor rôle, and the villain was portrayed by Edouard De Reszke.

Although this opera has evidently not been revived since its two seasons in New York, a portion of the Act II finale and the opening to Act III may be heard as recorded (on cylinders) in March, 1903 at the Met, by Lionel Mapelson, transcriptions of which are available through the New York Public Library. Selections from the opera were recorded in Italy by RAI in the 1950's.

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