George Frideric Handel

(baptized Georg Friederich Händel; a.k.a G. Friedrich H., G. F. Hendel)

Born: Halle (Halle-an-der-Saale), Margraviate of Brandenburg, 23 Feb. 1685

Died: London, England, 14 Apr. 1759


The dates and locations are those of the premieres. HG and HHA catalogue numbers are those of the G. F. Händels Werke: Ausgabe der Deutschen Händelgesellschaft and Hallische Händel-Ausgabe im Auftrage der Georg Friederich Händel-Gesellschaft, respectively.

N.B.: Virtually all of Handel's operas and many of the oratorios were revised, sometimes substantially, whenever they were revived during his lifetime. Revisions are not listed separately here, except when they have received separate catalogue numbers.

Der in Krohnen erlangte Glücks-Wechsel oder Almira, Königin von Castilien HG 55, HHA II/1
F. C. Feustking, after G. Pancieri
8.1.1705 Theater am Gänsemarkt, Hamburg
some music lost
Die durch Blut und Mord erlangete Liebe [Nero]
F. C. Feustking
25.2.1705 Theater am Gänsemarkt, Hamburg
music lost
Vincer se stesso è la maggior vittoria [Rodrigo] HG 56, HHA II/2
F. Silvani, Il duello d'Amore e di Vendetta [adapted]
1707? Accademia degli Infuocati, Florence
some music lost
Der beglückte Florindo; Die verwandelte Daphne
H. Hinsch
1.1708 Theater am Gänsemarkt, Hamburg
written as one opera, performed separately; most music lost
Agrippina HG 57, HHA II/3
V. Grimani
26.12.1709 Teatro San Giovanni Grisostomo, Venice
Rinaldo HG 58, HHA II/4
G. Rossi, from scenario by A. Hill, after Torquato Tasso La Gerusalemme liberata
24.2.1711 Queen's Theatre (Haymarket), London
Il pastor fido HG 59, HHA II/5
G. Rossi, after B. Guarini
22.11.1712 Queen's Theatre (Haymarket), London
Teseo HG 60, HHA II/6
N. F. Haym, after P. Quinault Thésée
10.1.1713 Queen's Theatre (Haymarket), London
Lucio Cornelio Silla HG 61, HHA II/7
G. Rossi
2.6.1713 Queen's Theatre (Haymarket)?, London
Amadigi di Gaula HG 62, HHA II/8
N. F. Haym, after A. H. de la Motte Amadis de Grèce
25.5.1715 King's Theatre (Haymarket), London
Radamisto HG 63, HHA II/9
N. F. Haym, after D. Lalli L'amor tirannico, o Zenobia
27.4.1720 King's Theatre (Haymarket), London
Muzio Scevola HG 64, HHA II/10
P. A. Rolli, after S. Stampiglia
15.4.1721 King's Theatre (Haymarket), London
Act I: GFH; II: F. Amadei; III: G. Bononcini
Floridante HG 65, HHA II/11
P. A. Rolli, after F. Silvani La costanza in trionfo
9.12.1721 King's Theatre (Haymarket), London
Ottone, Rè di Germania HG 66, HHA II/12
N. F. Haym, after S. B. Pallavicino Teofane
12.1.1723 King's Theatre (Haymarket), London
Flavio, Rè di Longobardi HG 67, HHA II/13
N. F. Haym, after M. Noris Flavio Cuniberto
14.5.1723 King's Theatre (Haymarket), London
Giulio Cesare in Egitto HG 68, HHA II/14
N. F. Haym, after G. F. Bussani
20.2.1724 King's Theatre (Haymarket), London
Tamerlano HG 69, HHA II/15
N. F. Haym, after A. Piovene Tamerlano & Il Bajazete, after N. Pradon Tamerlan
31.10.1724 King's Theatre (Haymarket), London
Rodelinda, Regina de' Longobardi HG 70, HHA II/16
N. F. Haym, after Salvi, after P. Corneille Pertharite
13.2.1725 King's Theatre (Haymarket), London
Publio Cornelio Scipione HG 71, HHA II/17
P. A. Rolli, after Salvi
12.3.1726 King's Theatre (Haymarket), London
Alessandro HG 72, HHA II/18
P. A. Rolli, after O. Mauro La superbia d'Alessandro
5.5.1726 King's Theatre (Haymarket), London
revived as Rossane
Admeto, Rè di Tessaglia HG 73, HHA II/19
after A. Aureli L'Antigona delusa da Alceste, rev. O. Mauro
31.1.1727 King's Theatre (Haymarket), London
some music lost
Riccardo Primo, Rè d'Inghilterra HG 74, HHA II/20
P. A. Rolli, after F. Briani Isacio tiranno
11.11.1727 King's Theatre (Haymarket), London
Siroe, Rè di Persia HG 75, HHA II/21
N. F. Haym, after Metastasio
17.2.1728 King's Theatre (Haymarket), London
Tolomeo, Rè di Egitto HG 76, HHA II/22
N. F. Haym, after C. S. Capece Tolomeo e Alessandro
30.4.1728 King's Theatre (Haymarket), London
Lotario HG 77 HHA II/23
after Salvi Adelaide
2.12.1729 King's Theatre (Haymarket), London
Partenope HG 78, HHA II/24
after S. Stampiglia
24.2.1730 King's Theatre (Haymarket), London
Poro, Rè dell'Indie HG 79, HHA II/25
after Metastasio Alessandro nell'Indie
2.2.1731 King's Theatre (Haymarket), London
Ezio HG 80 HHA II/26
after Metastasio
15.1.1732 King's Theatre (Haymarket), London
Sosarme, Rè di Media HG 81, HHA II/27
after Salvi Dionisio, Rè di Portogallo
15.2.1732 King's Theatre (Haymarket), London
Orlando HG 82, HHA II/28
after C. S. Capece, after L. Ariosto Orlando furioso
27.1.1733 King's Theatre (Haymarket), London
Arianna in Creta HG 83, HHA II/29
after P. Pariati Arianna e Teseo
26.1.1734 King's Theatre (Haymarket), London
Il pastor fido [rev] HHA II/31
G. Rossi, after B. Guarini
18.5.1734 King's Theatre (Haymarket), London
Ariodante HG 85, HHA II/32
after Salvi Ginevra, Principessa di Scozia, after L. Ariosto Orlando furioso
8.1.1735 Covent Garden, London
Alcina HG 86, HHA II/33
after L'isola di Alcina after L. Ariosto Orlando furioso
16.4.1735 Covent Garden, London
Atalanta HG 87, HHA II/34
after B. Valeriano La caccia in Etolia
12.5.1736 Covent Garden, London
Arminio HG 88, HHA II/35
after Salvi
12.1.1737 Covent Garden, London
Giustino HG 89, HHA II/36
after Beregan, rev. Pariati
16.2.1737 Covent Garden, London
Berenice HG 90 HHA II/37
after Salvi
18.5.1737 Covent Garden, London
Faramondo HG 91, HHA II/38
after A. Zeno
3.1.1738 King's Theatre (Haymarket), London
Serse HG 92 HHA II/39
after N. Minato, rev. S. Stampiglia
15.4.1738 King's Theatre (Haymarket), London
Imeneo HG 93, HHA II/40
after S. Stampiglia
22.11.1740 Lincoln's Inn Fields, London
Deidamia HG 94, HHA II/41
P. A. Rolli
10.1.1741 Lincoln's Inn Fields, London

Pastiches, Adaptations

music: L. Vinci Ifigenia in Tauride & La Rosmira fedele; G. F. Orlandi Berenice
pasticcio; after A. Zeno Le rivali generosi
11.5.1725 King's Theatre (Haymarket), London
music: L. Vinci, J. A. Hasse, G. F. Orlandini et al.
pasticcio; after A. Zeno
4.4.1730 King's Theatre (Haymarket), London
music: L. Vinci, J. A. Hasse, N. Porpora et al.
pasticcio; after A. Zeno
12.1.1731 King's Theatre (Haymarket), London
Lucio Papirio
music: G. Giacomelli
A. Zeno, rev. C. I. Frugoni
23.5.1732 King's Theatre (Haymarket), London
music: L. Leo et al.
4.11.1732 King's Theatre (Haymarket), London
music: L. Vinci et al.
30.10.1733 King's Theatre (Haymarket), London
Caio Fabbricio
music: J. A. Hasse et al.
A. Zeno
4.12.1733 King's Theatre (Haymarket), London
music: L. Vinci et al.
8.1.1734 King's Theatre (Haymarket), London
Oreste HG 48/102
pasticcio; after G. Barlocci
18.12.1734 Covent Garden, London
music: L. Vinci
13.4.1736 King's Theatre (Haymarket), London
Alessandro Severo HG 48/104
pasticcio; after A. Zeno
25.2.1738 King's Theatre (Haymarket), London
Giove in Argo
pasticcio; after A. M. Lucchini
1.5.1739 King's Theatre (Haymarket), London

Incomplete Operas

Genserico or Olibrio
after N. Beregan Il Genserico
1727: I [part]
Titus l'Empereur [Tito]
after Racine Bérénice
1731: I.i-iii

Oratorios & Odes

Il Trionfo del Tempo e del Disinganno HG 24, HHA I/4
B. Pamphili
1707 Rome?
Oratorio per la Resurrezione di Nostro Signor Gesù Cristo HG 39, HHA I/3
C. S. Capece
8.4.1708 Palazzo Ruspoli, Rome
Eternal source of light divine, Ode for the Birthday of Queen Anne, HG 46a, HHA I/6
A. Philips?
1713? Windsor Castle?
Der für die Sünde der Welt gemarterte und sterbende Jesus [Brockes Passion], HG 15, HHA I/7
B. H. Brockes
1716 Hamburg?
Acis and Galatea HG 3, HHA I/9
John Gay et al., after Ovid Metamorphoses, XIII
1718 Cannons, Edgeware
Esther HG 40, HHA I/8
Alexander Pope? & J. Arbuthnot, after Racine, trans. T. Bereton
1718 Cannons, Edgeware
Esther [rev] HG 41, HHA I/10
Alexander Pope?, J. Arbuthnot, & S. Humphreys, after Racine, trans. T. Bereton
2.5.1732 King's Theatre (Haymarket), London
Aci, Galatea e Polifemo [rev of Acis and Galatea] HG 53
John Gay et al.
10.6.1732 King's Theatre (Haymarket), London
Deborah HG 29, HHA I/11
S. Humphreys, after Judges v
17.3.1733 King's Theatre (Haymarket), London
Athalia HG 5, HHA I/12
S. Humphreys, after Racine
10.7.1733 Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford
Il Parnasso in festa HG 54
13.3.1734 King's Theatre (Haymarket), London
Alexander's Feast HG 12, HHA I/1
John Dryden Ode for St. Cecilia's Day; N. Hamilton The Power of Musick
19.2.1736 Covent Garden, London
Il trionfo del Tempo e della Verità [rev of Il Trionfo del Tempo e del Disinganno] HG 20/24, HHA I/4
B. Pamphili, anon.
23.3.1737 Covent Garden, London
Saul HG 13, HHA I/13
C. Jennens, after I Samuel xvii - II Samuel 1 and A. Cowley Davideis
16.1.1739 King's Theatre (Haymarket), London
Israel in Egypt HG 16, HHA I/14
from Exodus xv and the Prayer Book Psalter
4.4.1739 King's Theatre (Haymarket), London
From Harmony, from Heav'nly Harmony [Ode for St. Cecilia's Day] HG 23, HHA I/5
John Dryden
22.11.1739 Lincoln's Inn Fields, London
L'Allegro, il Penseroso ed il Moderato HG 6, HHA I/16
C. Jennens, from Milton
27.2.1740 Lincoln's Inn Fields, London
Messiah HG 45, HHA I/17
C. Jennens, from the Bible and the Prayer Book Psalter
13.4.1742 New Music Hall, Dublin
Samson HG 10, HHA I/18
N. Hamilton, from Milton Samson Agonistes
18.2.1743 Covent Garden, London
Semele HG 7 HHA I/19
W. Congreve, from his poems and Alexander Pope Summer, or Alexis
10.2.1744 Covent Garden, London
Joseph and his Brethren HG 42, HHA I/20
J. Miller, after Genesis xli-xliv
2.3.1744 Covent Garden, London
Hercules HG 4, HHA I/22
T. Broughton, after Sophocles Trachiniae & Ovid Metamorphoses ix
5.1.1745 King's Theatre (Haymarket), London
Belshazzar HG 19, HHA I/21
C. Jennens, after Daniel v, Jeremiah, Isaiah, Herodotus History i & Xenophon Cyropaedia
27.3.1745 King's Theatre (Haymarket), London
Occasional Oratorio HG 43, HHA I/23
N. Hamilton, from Milton's paraphrases of Psalms, and Edmund Spenser The Faery Queen, Hymn of Heavenly Beauty, & Tears of the Muses
14.2.1746 Covent Garden, London
Judas Maccabaeus HG 22, HHA I/24
T. Morell, after I Maccabees & Josephus Antiquities xii
1.4.1747 Covent Garden, London
Joshua HG 17, HHA I/26
T. Morell?
9.3.1748 Covent Garden, London
Alexander Balus HG 33, HHA I/25
T. Morell, after I Maccabees
23.3.1748 Covent Garden, London
Susanna HG 1, HHA I/28
anon, after Apocrypha
10.2.1749 Covent Garden, London
Solomon HG 26, HHA I/27
anon, after II Chronicles, I Kings v, & Josephus Antiquities viii
17.3.1749 Covent Garden, London
Theodora HG 8, HHA I/29
T. Morell, after R. Boyle The Martyrdom of Theodora and Didymus
16.3.1750 Covent Garden, London
The Choice of Hercules HG 18 HHA I/31
from R. Lowth The Judgment of Hercules
1.3.1751 Covent Garden, London
Jephtha HG 44, HHA I/32
T. Morell, after Judges xi & G. Buchanan Jephthes sive Votum
26.2.1752 Covent Garden, London
The Triumph of Time and Truth HG 20, HHA I/33
T. Morell, after B. Pamphili Il trionfo del Tempo, trans. G. Oldmixon
11.3.1757 Covent Garden, London

Incidental Music

The Alchemist
Ben Jonson
14.1.1710 Queen's Theatre (Haymarket)?, London
Milton A Maske
6.1745 Exton, Leicestershire
Alceste HG 46B, HHA I/30
masque or semi-opera; T. Smollett, after Euripides

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