Lucie de Lammermoor

Notes on the Libretto

The transcription of the libretto is based on a copy of the Nouvelle Édition published by Calmann Lévy, Paris, in 1910. The layout approximates that of the published libretto. Line numbers have been added, and obvious typographical errors have been corrected as follows:
  1. Title Page: The accepted date for the premiere is 6 August 1839, not that given in the libretto.
  2. Part I, Line 22: orig. Ravenswod.
  3. Part I, Line 42: the words Et par and sers tous are illegible in the original.
  4. Part I, Line 62a: orig. entand.
  5. Part I, Lines 86, 90, 189: no periods in orig.
  6. Part II, Scène I: orig. ASTON.
  7. Part II, Line 105: orig. Sauvons.
  8. Part II, Scène V: orig. Scène X.
  9. Part III, Line 9: period rather than comma in orig.
  10. Part III, Line 121: the initial L is illegible in orig.
  11. Part III, Line 137: no period in orig.
  12. Part IV, Lines 46, 47: the assignment of these lines to the chorus is missing in orig.

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17 Jan 2005